Love is just like a journey 失去了 , 才知道痛 ♥

I just wanna capture the beautiful moments
Friday, May 6, 2011

That night , he broughts me lots of laughter although time is little but I know he did his best in what he can just to make me SMILE (:

Time Stopped and the game will just end at the point of time .
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Story #2

Would you have the courage to go with a guy which is actually your exboyf-riend's friend ? Actually , like some people say , it's already a past tense between you and him but now you going to start your present tense with another new guy and not that him . Agree ? I Strongly Agree but just the courage is not there . It actually started with those hanging out and make out . After a period of hanging out , you finally realise that you do have feelings for him . The next day after you guys hang out and he didn't text you anymore . You would be thinking , why is there HOT and COLD feelings between him and me . All those misses and those memories that you guys spend just keep flashing through your mind . You wanted to text him and tell him how much you miss him since after you guys meet up and so on . You just want him to hug you in the arms by telling you that I am here and always be here for you . Days and days , the feeling just couldn't get shake off . You went drinking each night just to let time pass faster and so you won't think much . Just after so many days later , you finally get your feeling control and out of a sudden you just received his message . Damn god ! You must be joking with me ! Meet up and those make out once and once . Until one day , you finally can't take it . Why must we be doing things which we can't let others to know ? Being so low profit and always those unhappiness that I am gonna suffer . Seriously , I am very unhappy . Sometimes , I would be thinking do you really mean what you say that you miss me and you like me ? Those negative thoughts ! Driving me crazy . I doesn't wants to end up crying each time after meeting you . Holding the hand of yours so tightly till , I just doesn't wanna let it go . What am I really mean to you ? It started to be a question for me but I chose to leave it as a blank answer . I believe it's the time . Time would just stop and the game will just end at the point of time . The Story end , #2 .

Join me for a SUNRISE will you ?

It's always with those quarrel between you and me . The same old problem that I always hate it to talk about it . I thought things could work out but I never expected that everything is so hard . Those things I really wants and you couldn't change it for the sake of me . Maybe I was really too selfish but at the point of time I just doesn't want us to get drifted in distance . Afraid that time we gonna meet up is little and as time passes your feeling would just faded off . I chose to break up with you isn't because I doesn't love you anymore but maybe is I doesn't wants us to be quarrling over the same matter everyday over again and again . I believe that we are still doing good . Still as close like how we were but not those expectation will be tidying you down . Just hope that we could find sometime to go for a SunRise . Will you Join Me For A SunRise ?

失去了 , 才知道痛 。♥

It's so sudden when something happened on a Saturday morning . When I was preparing myself to work and received message telling that " Jason is in a critical condition and the next moment he was die . Tears just broke down and the heart of mine just sank . Such a nice guy and he is still so young which just pass away just like this . We were like out together for outing for 4 times and now he is leaving us . What's more we were like out last week and that night was like so fun filled with so much laughter . We went to pray ? We went to Changi Village to grab our supper and we met road blocks , headed down to West Coast halfway eddie's bike break down . We were our gathering at the bus-stop joking and oplaying around . Now , you are like no longer with us anymore . I hate myself ! For not talkingmore with you and joke with you ! I hate myself for being so no courage and now you leave us and I couldn't find anymore chances to talk to you and play with you ! Seriously , I am fucking upset and I really couldn't accept such fact that you really leave us . I just wanna tell you this , thanks for all those fun , memories and even yourself for entering the life of mine once and I promise I will keep you in my heart as partly of my prettiest memories that we once have together . I MISS YOU , JASON ! :(

Story #1
Saturday, March 26, 2011

What the fuck is wrong again ? Why does I feel that we have been quarrling recently ? Ahas ! I bet you must say , it was me who started again ? Correct it was always me and never be you even once ! Just find it so funny ? You been busy working the whole day and didn't you thought of meeting up with me ? Why is it seen like it's me who always be the one to suggest that whether are we gonna meet up ? Even going out for a date , I also got to decide where are we going to ? It's always me and me ! Just feel so fed up ! Fine if you think that I am petty to get angry over a small thing then I would just not give a damn because I doesn't think that I am in any fault either . I am nort going to bow down and admit ! Seriously , I really feel so sick larhs ! So sick that we always been quarrling ! Damn it ! Am I really in a relationship ? :(

The problem is still there .
Friday, March 25, 2011

I doesn't know how to start with but yet there is alot of things that been keeping inside my heart and yet I just doesn't know how to tell you . Actually , I have been very unhappy recently . Maybe I am asking much but I really wanted those thing again maybe should I say I want it as long as we are still together . Same thing I wanna say , I wanna those laughter , fun and love with you . Everything change or just time that we couldn't make arrangment with it . That day , when I woke up in the morning you are already out to work . Friends of mine been saying " it's a good thing that he work because he wanna to earn more money ". Seriously , I agree it too . I know that money can help us to have alot of things so in order to have alot of money we got to work for it . Then I was lying on the bed of yours been thinking that what can I do to let time pass fast .. At the time , Sep and Eric is awake and done preparing to go out . My first question was , " Meeting tonight for dinner ? They replied " Yes , we meet you up later and eddie to go bugis to exchange those stickers . I replied " Okay , where are you all going ? " Sep said " Going to SPCA " . True enough , I am jealous because they managed to go out for a date . Where's mine ? I been waiting for so long and he is been busy working . Feel like crying because I miss my old days with you . Rememeber I asked you that day whether are the both of us still okay ? You think that we are but just sometimes I my mood went emo , bad , swing or whatsoever . Period ? I don't think so . I told Sep that what the problem is . He got to work 7 days no OFF actually there is a off day on Sunday but he didn't as he wants to OT for double paid . Both of our boyf-riend is working yours got 2 day off and my ? What' more he OT on weekend , do you know how much I always look forward for weekend ? I promised him to be his a good girl as not complaining about his OT staff . I tried my very best but I just can't . I just feel that he couldn't manage his time well and started to neglect me . I really tried ! Last night , we went Malaysia and I told Sep that I miss my old days which I went clubbing and drinking . She say she miss her old days too . As we both got to stay at home when our boyf-riend is out working and sometimes meeting up with girlf-riend when they are free . I told her that eddie is off tomorrow but we aren't going anywhere to have dates but going to his hospital appointment , repairing of bike , renew a new passion card and meeting up with Gugu they all to make the insurance staff . That's gonna be our day for tomorrow . Disappointment for me but as least we are still together I am happy . I change , I quit smoking , my club , my drinking and those outing with those male friend then what about him ? He change ? The goal of his life making lots of money . I feel tired because been crying and crying for the same problem , he is been too busy . Last night , I was in his arm and I cried . I guess he was too tired and he fall to sleep quite fast . Touches his forehead and face , I asked him and myself . How long more can we still go on ? I know that breakups is always I who raised up and you told me that if one day I am gonna ask for a breakup again , you wouldn't felt sad because you have been used to it as I have been asking for breakup for times . Sorry but each time when I asked for breakups I do have my reason and you know it too . Can we still go on ? I am afraid because I started to feel tired .

If time could start over again .
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everything started so fast and also ended so fast . I can't really move on . As everything I am facing is alone . He is by myside and yet he couldn't take some time off ? Did he change at that point of time ? Seriously , I don't know and I doesn't know whether I would want to know as well . Doing things alone , going out alone and returning home by my own . It's the world just left with myself if not why can't I feel that there is other people living as well ? Soon , everything I have to learn , learn to be alone and lear to be independent . It's not my style ! Hate to be alone and hate to be crying all day long . Everything finally came to an end point or it's just the starting of the point ? Nobody gonna know but yet I just got to face it no matter what the out come is , I will stay here and never leave . Busy working and earning money has become the goal of his life now. Isn't this something good ? I know it's good but yet I just wanna sometime of his . I wanna some of his attention and some laughter with him once again ? When was the last time we had our date ? When was the last time we hold hands together to have a walk together ? When was the last time that we have alot of laughter together ? Can you remember ? Sorry , I don't because it happenend too long ago and I just couldn't remember it . I didn't want to complain yet jusy worry as time passby you will forget me off through your life . Will you ? I wish and pray hard that you don't ! You been a good boyf-riend and I just wanna thanks you for being with me . Eddie Soo ! I Love You and I just doesn't want to lose you . I believe you still love me and I know everything is gonna have changes in sometime after . If time could start over again , would you want this ?


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